Website Development


Domain Name Registration

Every website can also be called a Domain. Initially, the Domain must be registered so that it is recognised internationally. After this - once yearly this must be updated and renewed. We handle this for you.



Every website must live on a server somewhere in the world. This is called hosting. We can provide hosting for your site at extremely competitive rates. Contact us for more details.


Web Design

We can create, update and maintain your website for you. Or, if you prefer, we can set it up so that you can update the pages yourself and allow students to add to them. We can also make your website responsive so that it will work on all devices from desktops and laptops to tablets and phones.

Some websites we've done:



If you have an existing site, we can update and maintain this for you. Often - staff have little time to upload new pages when an event happens in the school. We are happy to attend any school occasion, document it, video/photograph it and incorporate it into your website immediately.



We maintain your email address and give your teaching staff personalised school domain addresses. This gives a nice coherence and identity for the staff as well as allowing teachers to have a separate work email to their own private address.

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