About Us

TeachTech Support is a very old brand-new company. Like many things in life - it grew from passion and desire. A passion about educating people and the desire to make significant change in the world. Change comes from innovation, modernisation and new methodologies. Having spent decades in the technology industry in many dispirate arenas, our goal is now to support, encourage, strengthen and train communities, students and educators. TeachTech Support is a small, flexible, adaptable company comprised of three people: Chris Reina, Catriona Healy and Rayne Looney.

Chris Reina has been involved in education for the last 13 years. From his role on the startup committee of Tralee Educate Together NS through his tenure of Chairperson of the school, he has participated in all aspects of education locally and nationally. As Ireland’s only Apple Certified T3 Trainer - he has given workshops to students and teachers on a wide variety of subjects in the digital world, including: integration, management, audio, video, graphic design, photography, GTD (Getting Things Done), iPad for Business, iOS in SME, Corporate, B2B and Education. Since its inception in April 2010, the iPad was set to revolutionise education worldwide. Chris was at the forefront of this innovation. Since then, Apple has introduced VPP, DEP and more into Ireland. Chris has deployed iPads to pre-school, Primary, Special Needs Schools, Second Level, Third Level and adult learning institutions. These deployments have included setting up the wireless infrastructure and networking through to staff training on usage, integration and best practice within the classroom environs.

In the analog world, he has worked with children of all ages and has given many diverse interactive workshops. Moving further afield, he has devised, created and managed projects for diverse companies such as Pepsi; Kerry Group; EMC; Galway Arts Festival; NUIG; various County Enterprise Boards; Dublin St. Patrick’s Day Parade; Rose of Tralee Festival; Redhead Festival; Samhlaíocht; Film Festivals and The Special Education Support Services (SESS).

Chris’ expertise is rational, simple integration and problem solving. Be this scissors and paper or the correct workflow between a PC laptop, iPad, desktop Mac and Android phone - there is often more than one solution to a problem - but rarely more than one appropriate one.

With personal passions for Steampunk, Kite-Flying, pedantic semantics and knowing the meanings of ligatures, aglets, gallibanders and lexiphanic - it is often said he is terribly modest. (But not by him.).

Catriona Healy qualified as a Primary School teacher 25 years ago. Early in her career she taught all classes at Primary level in rural and urban settings. She spent 3 years teaching students with mild general learning disabilities in St. Ita's and Joseph's Special School in Tralee and then moved to St. Francis Special School in Beaufort, Killarney 15 years ago. There, she has worked with students with moderate/severe/profound disabilities and students with challenging behaviour. She worked with the Special Education Support Service for 2 years advising, teaching and training school staff throughout the country. She has a Masters Degree in Special Education and has always been an early adopter and enthusiastic proponent of technology in the classroom, particularly for students with autism or those with communication difficulties.

Rayne Looney is a student soon to sit his Leaving Certificate. He has tremendous experience in being a student and his role within TeachTech Support is to ensure Chris and Catriona stay in touch with what excites and fires the imagination and enthusiasm of the younger generation. He also works endlessly on beta-testing products, courses and making sure what's important to him is delivered through Chris and Catriona to other educators. Ray would like to attend college, so please call us soon!

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