What can we say? This device has truly revolutionised the way we do many things. For children and educators, the benefits can be tremendous. However, preparation is key in order to get the best from these devices and upskilling will always be required. There are (ostensibly) three stages of iPad usage: 1) Wow Factor 2) Consumption 3) Creation. If your school is planning to get a number of devices - configuration, deployment and management of these can be time-consuming and confusing. We’ve deployed thousands of these devices into schools around the country and assisted in their integration into the classroom. Apps are at the core of iPad implementation in the classroom. Over years, we have developed an expertise in the area of matching the correct App to the educators’ requirements. Please see our Resources Page for lists of Apps.


General Training

All teachers can have gaps in their IT skills or they may have to incorporate technology in their classroom which they have recieved no training for. Interactive Whiteboards, iPads, AppleTVs and assistive devices may need specific training.

Want to print from the iPad? Can’t find a file? Want to download a YouTube video? Can’t open a particular type of file? Need to import or export data? Need help with Google Apps? Any of these requirements can be addressed in a group Q&A forum organised to teach you the exact skills you require and answer any queries you may have.


Teacher CPD

We have a number of set courses covering a wide variety of educational technology areas and we can adapt to suit your school’s weekly CPD allocation. We strive to make our courses fun, useful, educational and interactive. Course content will generally be aimed at project-based learning frameworks over multiple sessions.



For second and third level students we run initial on-boarding sessions to setup and configure their devices. Setting up email addresses, App Store IDs, downloading apps and installing configuration profiles are all part of the training we provide.



We run training sessions for parents to explain how their children will be using technology in the classroom, what students are bringing home and how parents can help their children with their devices. We also train on structures for time-tabling, appropriate online usage, anti-bullying and internet safety.

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